avg night at home with me and bae nipsandtucks

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How is everyone doing out there? I miss you all very much.

I’ve been using the momentum you guys have given me to shoot for the stars. Miles to go~. This year needs to be the most electric year for all of us thus far. Lets do big things; lets move a mountain. Lets wake up humble and hungry every…

dying because i’m still 13.


if you’re looking for something substantial, don’t go to the bar.

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Miguel - Simple Things

bout it.

you’re welcome

that phrase is probably my least favorite phrase in a really long time, i’ve discovered. this is why.

i understand i am doing nice things for you. or maybe you have been doing nice things for me. but if i’m being nice, which is 99.9% of the time, and you thank me, that makes me feel good. i would never say “you’re welcome” because what the fuck? what makes me feel entitled to saying “you’re welcome”? to me, that sounds like, “yeah i know i did something nice for you, asshole, so remember it for the next time.” my response is always, “not a problem.” because guess what dickhead, it was never a problem. doing something “nice” is in my nature, and should be for everyone on the goddamn planet’s as well. “you’re welcome”? suck my dick. so you did a nice thing. maybe a completely selfless thing. to me, it just sounds like “yeah remember that for when i need something from you.” and guess what, asshole? i would still do *for the most part* anything you asked me to out of the goodness of my god damn heart, not because i felt like i fucking owed you shit.

so fuck you and your “you’re welcome”…..
//i’m rambling because anything i’m dealing with now is too real to discuss at the moment. i’m sorry, internet.

it’s been so long, i don’t even understand how to use tumblr anymore.
scratch that//// i don’t even understand how half of social media even works anymore. where do i get my notifications at, son? twitter. that shit at least stays semi-consistent. but what kinda simpin’ ass hoe you take me for, like i can actually virtually follow about three hundred people in a day? like ALL day?
nah, just playin’, you know i done that before.

ha. kiddin’ myself again. touche, world!

a week and a half in, i knew you’d be over it.

food truck’n

fast money

work every day, don’t want a day off.

days off, i cry more.

i don’t need to cry.

the fuck happened to my nook? that shit don’t take a charge no mo’. i never even got my use out of that.

there’s a hole where the light in me used to be.

i need to find that again.

the fuck did you do to me, kid?

It’s sad to watch you sometimes. You can just tell, there’s been a bad taste in your mouth over everything. I don’t know what it is that makes you so unhappy all the time, I just know that I’m not what you need. Hell, I’m not even what you want. And that is something I need to learn. And I’ll learn that in time. Occasional drunk talks, those kill me more than heal me. You’ll always be my favorite person.

i’m sorry you’re not strong enough to handle it. you chose this, you didn’t have to get into anything you didn’t want to. i found a home, and you managed your way, above everything else you’ve taken from me, to take this away from me, too. congratulations, you win again.

you know, nights when you and the moon and the water, all become one. you feel you’re part of something big and marvelous, that’s the only place to live… where the stars are so close over your head you feel you could reach up and stir them around.

I never wanna love again, but why aren’t you here right now? There are a million red flags but I don’t want to care about those.

Just let me muhfuckin’ love you